Art expression should be positioned to enlighten the society, I assume.
In particular, since the contemporary art cannot exist apart from philosophy, it should take such a role in the society.

After ‘90s bubble economy burst, the long downturn of Japan’s economy was vividly reflected in the art world, and there seems to be a tendency that relatable or easy-to-understand artworks are much favored than conceptual and philosophical ones. In addition, the message of enlightenment tends to fall short of delivery in this rapidly changing political and social circumstances; after all it seems that we are just to have inflated invisible anxiety ahead.

I do not know whether this statement is suitable for the art fair. But after a half century has passed since Kahnweiler, the art dealer for Picasso, said "art dealers make art history," the art dealing world has drastically changed. Now, seeing the situation that the core of the art world has shifted to countless auctions and numerous art fairs held several hundred times every year somewhere in the world, I think it's by no means exaggerated if it's said that “art fairs make art history.”

This year "the art fair +plus-ultra 2015" is determined to pursue the cutting edge of art. Art history of the world should arise here, that is to pave a way for enlightenment to the world take place here. We are prepared to show you the art fair of which minds and thoughts of artists and art dealers are reflected in expression.

Tsutomu Ikeuchi
Fair Manager of "the art fair +plus-ultra 2015"

―A new step to the state-of-the-art Art Fair
"the art fair +plus-ultra 2015" is the unique and integrated art fair comprised of two different categories.  In the “+ plus" category,  the galleries proud of the sales results and trust attempt to offer superior art across the fence of the genre,  and in another category of “ultra,” that participation is limited only for under 40 years old individual emerging directors promising to carry the next generation and deliver the fresh and young sensibility into the art market.
This year, the art fair widely expanded its duration and that will make participating galleries avail to present the more spectacular exhibition with full of their originality.
Tracing the words of “plus-ultra " which means " to more ahead " in Latin, the fair intends to shed light on the current and future possibilities of art, and we hope to present you the state-of-the-art art fair.

the art fair +plus-ultra 2015
Term1: Fri. December 18 - Sun. December 20
Term2: Tue. December 22 - Thu. December 24
Term3: Sat. December 26 - Mon. December 28
*Closed on Dec. 21(Mon), 25(Fri) for exhibition change

Open 11:00~20:00 / Admission Free

Spiral Garden (Spiral1F)
5-6-23 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
In front of Exit B1 of Omotesando Station (Ginza, Hanzomon and Chiyoda Lines) Tel. 03-3498-1171
Phone: +81-3-3498-1171
Organized by SYSTEM:ULTRA (Wacoal Art Center + Roentgenwerke AG)

term1dec 18–20

+plus category

  • BYOD Gallery [Osaka]
  • Cex-chamber museum [Tokyo]
  • DFUMA Contemporary Tokyo | BUNKYO ART [Tokyo]
  • EGallery Jin [Tokyo]
  • FSakoda Art Gallery [Hyogo]

ultra category

  • 01Tetsuro Ishizaka / Emigre Collection [Tokyo]
  • 02Takeshi Kondo / Gallery HATCH [Tokyo]
  • 03Hisako Nishimura / Gallery Kawafune [Tokyo]
  • 04Mai Takayama / Satellites ART LAB [Tokyo]
  • 05Aisho Miura / AISHO MIURA ARTS [Tokyo]
  • 06Yoko Taguchi / Vanilla gallery [Tokyo]
  • 07Shuhei Kanai / Gallery Juichigatsu [Tokyo]
  • 08Hideki Shiono / Gallery Seek [Tokyo]
  • 09Tomomi Hoda / JAPSEL [Tokyo]
  • 10Yoko Ichishima / CROSSART [France]
  • 11Chio Yamamoto / Shonandai Gallery [Tokyo]
  • 12Mihara Qay / entaku kikaku [Tokyo]
  • 13Seiji Yokoi / Hakkendo Gallery [Tokyo]
  • 14Tatsuo Yoshida / Zojoji Contemporary Collection [Tokyo]

term2dec 22–24

+plus category

  • CGallery Hanakagesho [Tokyo]
  • EGallery Jin [Tokyo]

ultra category

  • 01Kinukawa Dai / Rempah Rempah [Ishikawa]
  • 02Eito Toie / Gallery HATCH [Tokyo]
  • 03Kazue Fukuma / Hasu no hana [Tokyo]
  • 04Ryosuke Sohama / SAKURADO FINE ARTS [Tokyo]
  • 05Yoko Takamiya / Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi [Tokyo]
  • 06Shimode Naoto / BadAss Gallery [Ishikawa]
  • 07Daisuke Okamoto / The Hive Gallery & General Incorporated Association Artrates [USA/Tokyo]
  • 08Haruka Seno / Gallery ART UNLIMITED [Tokyo]
  • 09Yuji Kanamaru / C-DEPOT [Tokyo]
  • 10Yoko Ichishima / CROSSART [France]
  • 11Special Gallery 2 
  • 12Eisuke Sato / TAV GALLERY [Tokyo]

term3dec 26–28

+plus category

  • Agallery UG [Tokyo]
  • Broid works gallery [Tokyo]
  • Special Gallery 1

ultra category

  • 01Shinpei Okada / TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY [Osaka]
  • 02Kenji Ishida / Gallery HATCH [Tokyo]
  • 03Sasaki Koudai / PASTIS [Osaka]
  • 04Akira Torii / HATONOMORI ART [Tokyo]
  • 05Takako Kitsuka / Gallery Hanakagesho [Tokyo]
  • 06Koji Tamura / SOJIRO [Hyogo]
  • 07Iino Masari / Links Gallery [Osaka]
  • 08Akiko Ogino / art gallery closet [Tokyo]
  • 09Ki Kathleen / Kinosho Kikaku [Tokyo]
  • 10Sachiko Yoshida / Workcoutureyoshida [Tokyo]
  • 11Special Gallery 2
  • 12iwata mayuko / Gallery Tatsuya [Aichi]